Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Hunt

People often ask me where I find my pieces? Well, the answer is, literally anywhere! I've stopped traffic on the side of the road because people are throwing things out, I've woken up at 5 am for flea markets (why does the antique world start so so early in the morning?), I've rummaged through yard sales (although this is not my favorite place... something about looking through people's belongings, with them staring right at you, creeps me out big time), people have even given me pieces they simply don't want anymore (do you know there's a company down Cape that actually gets PAID to clean out basements, garages, and attics, then turns around and sells it all? Why didn't I think of that!!). You name it, I've done it. I've even gone in abandoned houses, which is probably one of my favorites... not necessarily for furniture, but just to look around... there's so much history here on the Cape, I just love it!

Anyway, this brings me to the Brimfield Antique Show... this place is the Disney World of the antique world, one of the coolest places I've been... I'm almost positive it's one of, if not THE, biggest antique markets in the country. It happens three times a year in the Western part of Massachusetts. It's a great place for ideas, inspiration and a few good deals. I say a few because apparently re-doing antiques is hot again (I've been told it goes in waves through the years) and prices have definitely increased since May. Cara and I went to the last one of the year two weeks ago and picked up some unique and cool pieces - along with muddy feet!  Check out Cara's pretty pictures to get a taste of Brimfield.   And stay posted for makeovers of the items below!

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