Monday, October 31, 2011

April's Chair & Bench Cushions

After seeing Kristen's and my first project together (Desk, Farmhouse Chair & Cushion), a good friend of mine (April) had asked me to make her two chair cushions and a bench cushion out of the same fabric we used for this project.   I was so excited to get my first "real" fabric order and to begin working on this!  

Typically to begin, I would trace the chair and bench seat with paper to create a pattern, but since April lives all the way in Colorado, she sent me the measurements and some pictures.  I decided to use foam for the cushion since it is fairly rigid and holds a nice shape.   For the seat cushions, I used filler so that they would be more flexible in case the chair's edge had a curve or if the measurements were slightly off. 

April decided to nix the ruffle and studs I had put on the farmhouse chair cushion and go with a more classic look.   We chose to make olive cording to accent the olive in the fabric.  Her bench and chair are stained black and I think this fabric will look fabulous with it!  I have a black bench in my home so I was able to grab some pictures to get an idea of what the fabric will look like in her home.

 And pretty packaging.... to April's new home, they go!

Adventures in Picking

To say the hunt is my favorite part of "reinventing" furniture may be an understatement. I know I've written about it before but thought I'd share some new shots of a barn sale I came across in Sandwich and Scituate. Signs with "yard sale," "rummage sale," or "estate sale" really really excite me... but "BARN SALE" has almost gotten me in a few fender benders. More than looking for furniture, I love exploring old barns and homes.

A few weeks ago on 6A in Sandwich, I checked out a barn sale at an old home I drive by daily. I was really excited to go inside because I've always admired this property. The barn itself was beautiful but even cooler was the blacksmith shop out back. Although I wanted to pack my car, I restrained myself. I couldn't resist an old oak filing cabinet and Martha Washington sewing chest though. Can't wait to get started on them!

I was meeting a friend to take her engagement pictures in Scituate a few weeks back. Katie and Bennett were sitting in traffic and I happened to drive by an "Antiques" sign. I had time to kill, so I stopped. Here, I met Harold and Audrey, antique dealers for over 60 years! Not only did I come across TONS of beauties, I had to come back with a box truck to get it all! Teresa (owner of Tres Chic where I'm currently doing my work at) and I went last week to pick up all my finds. Not only did I get a great deal, but Harold offered to show Teresa and I his 'attic of treasures'...

It was like an episode of one of those picking shows... it was amazing. He saw the look on my face and struck a deal with me. If I come back and help him clean the attic out (he's in his late 80's), he'll give me a good deal on anything I find. I jumped at this offer and the box truck and I will be back next week! Check out the gorgeous dining room set I picked up... and a ton more! Yahooooo!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Project: Paris Gray

With our latest collaboration, we joined creative forces with Tres Chic owner Teresa Morris. The three of us decided to do a whole set of different pieces that complimented each other. We chose Paris Gray as a base and Cara's gorgeous gray damaske fabric. Included are a really cute bistro table and two upholstered chairs, french-esque plant stand, dry sink/cabinet and unique cabinet (that we believe was once a sewing cabinet). I'm thinking the table and chairs would go great in a kitchen, small dining area (for two of course) or porch area. (Please excuse my pictures in the studio... this is my workspace... paint on the floor, etc. Not the best backdrop!)


Monday, October 17, 2011

Paper Studio

Not only can we design fabric and reinvent furniture, we also work with paper!   Invitations, thank you cards, wedding programs, favor tags - we can do it!   Below are only a few examples of the invitations I've designed.  Kristen also makes beautiful cards that are more dimensional than my work, and you can buy them at Sandwich Crafters. 

Here is the most recent invitation I designed and put together for my cousin's wedding.  I really like the whimsical-ness (is that even a word?!) of these invitations.  My favorite part is the rhinestone - hard to see in the picture, but look close and you'll see a little sparkle :0)

Baby shower and favor tags below....

And I can't leave out my wedding...

And some other designs.  Hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Rare Find

I was having a conversation with a friend about what Cara and I were doing with vintage furniture, and she responded with, "Well, I have a bunch of crap in my basement if you want to clean it out for me. There's an old vanity and some desks I think".  I've seen pieces in shambles, covered in dust and spider webs, smell like rotting vegetables, nothing scares me anymore... so I was intrigued in checking out this "crap". Needless to say, I was in her basement the next day... and sitting in a dark corner, covered in old sheets, was this vanity. I almost fainted. Dramatic, a little maybe. But, I was the happiest girl in the world that day. I dug it out, threw it in the Jeep and drove it on down to the studio.  The lines on this piece are beautiful and so feminine. And the original hardware was in great shape and really unique... I couldn't wait to work on it.

The same day our good friend Jen (and neighbor at Tres Chic) came in, saw it and bought it on the spot, once finished of course. She said it reminded her of her Grandmother's vanity and when she was little, she used to brush her hair for hours in the mirror.  Jen brought in fabric, a traditional black and white damask, for the seat that reminded her of what was once in her Grandmother's house. I love doing pieces with meaning and I love the old stories that come out of them. Can you imagine who looked through this mirror years ago?  

Stay tuned for more pieces Cara and I dug out of Rebecca's garage and basement... next up is a gorgeous vintage couch!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brimfield Find: The Lady's Chair

Remember our finds at Brimfield - well, here is our favorite piece - the Lady's Chair -  from worn, dark and shabby to fresh, happy and classy.   Kristen and I came across this unique piece, and we both immediately fell in love.  We had to have it!   We're not really sure what it's called or what time period it's from, but we recognized the potential and there was no hesitation in buying it.   Although neither one of us had ever upholstered anything in our lives, we thought we'd give it a shot, and we think it turned out pretty good for our first time :0)

We began the process by pulling off the old trim, prying out the rusty nails and removing the fabric.   We  added some batting to give it more cushion and tightened up the strapping.  Kristen primed, painted, and disressed it. 
I created a new fabric design for the chair.  I started by hand-drawing a motif on paper, scanned it onto the computer, brought it into Illustrator and traced it to create clean edges.   We decided on white motifs against a gray textured background.

Applying the fabric to the chair was a little tricky, especially around the corners, but we found a way to make it work. The last step was applying the gray frilly trim.  This was the fun part as we got to see our first upholstered piece come to a finish!

I made two pillows to adorn the lady's chair.  Both with ruffles - one with matching fabric and the other with the frilly gray trim and sparkles!

 And ta-da, the finished piece!

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