Monday, October 31, 2011

April's Chair & Bench Cushions

After seeing Kristen's and my first project together (Desk, Farmhouse Chair & Cushion), a good friend of mine (April) had asked me to make her two chair cushions and a bench cushion out of the same fabric we used for this project.   I was so excited to get my first "real" fabric order and to begin working on this!  

Typically to begin, I would trace the chair and bench seat with paper to create a pattern, but since April lives all the way in Colorado, she sent me the measurements and some pictures.  I decided to use foam for the cushion since it is fairly rigid and holds a nice shape.   For the seat cushions, I used filler so that they would be more flexible in case the chair's edge had a curve or if the measurements were slightly off. 

April decided to nix the ruffle and studs I had put on the farmhouse chair cushion and go with a more classic look.   We chose to make olive cording to accent the olive in the fabric.  Her bench and chair are stained black and I think this fabric will look fabulous with it!  I have a black bench in my home so I was able to grab some pictures to get an idea of what the fabric will look like in her home.

 And pretty packaging.... to April's new home, they go!

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