Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brimfield Find: The Lady's Chair

Remember our finds at Brimfield - well, here is our favorite piece - the Lady's Chair -  from worn, dark and shabby to fresh, happy and classy.   Kristen and I came across this unique piece, and we both immediately fell in love.  We had to have it!   We're not really sure what it's called or what time period it's from, but we recognized the potential and there was no hesitation in buying it.   Although neither one of us had ever upholstered anything in our lives, we thought we'd give it a shot, and we think it turned out pretty good for our first time :0)

We began the process by pulling off the old trim, prying out the rusty nails and removing the fabric.   We  added some batting to give it more cushion and tightened up the strapping.  Kristen primed, painted, and disressed it. 
I created a new fabric design for the chair.  I started by hand-drawing a motif on paper, scanned it onto the computer, brought it into Illustrator and traced it to create clean edges.   We decided on white motifs against a gray textured background.

Applying the fabric to the chair was a little tricky, especially around the corners, but we found a way to make it work. The last step was applying the gray frilly trim.  This was the fun part as we got to see our first upholstered piece come to a finish!

I made two pillows to adorn the lady's chair.  Both with ruffles - one with matching fabric and the other with the frilly gray trim and sparkles!

 And ta-da, the finished piece!

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  1. Gorgeous! You did a great job on the upholstery... that fabric is sweet!

  2. It's beautiful - you did an amazing job!

  3. This is so gorgeous - beautiful job! :)


  4. WOW! My mouth is hanging open. You even designed your own fabric... almost too much amazingness for me to handle! Thanks for linking up on Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday.

  5. I LOVe about this chair! It turned out gorgeous!