Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Rare Find

I was having a conversation with a friend about what Cara and I were doing with vintage furniture, and she responded with, "Well, I have a bunch of crap in my basement if you want to clean it out for me. There's an old vanity and some desks I think".  I've seen pieces in shambles, covered in dust and spider webs, smell like rotting vegetables, nothing scares me anymore... so I was intrigued in checking out this "crap". Needless to say, I was in her basement the next day... and sitting in a dark corner, covered in old sheets, was this vanity. I almost fainted. Dramatic, a little maybe. But, I was the happiest girl in the world that day. I dug it out, threw it in the Jeep and drove it on down to the studio.  The lines on this piece are beautiful and so feminine. And the original hardware was in great shape and really unique... I couldn't wait to work on it.

The same day our good friend Jen (and neighbor at Tres Chic) came in, saw it and bought it on the spot, once finished of course. She said it reminded her of her Grandmother's vanity and when she was little, she used to brush her hair for hours in the mirror.  Jen brought in fabric, a traditional black and white damask, for the seat that reminded her of what was once in her Grandmother's house. I love doing pieces with meaning and I love the old stories that come out of them. Can you imagine who looked through this mirror years ago?  

Stay tuned for more pieces Cara and I dug out of Rebecca's garage and basement... next up is a gorgeous vintage couch!

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  1. gorgeous vanity! i love that unique hardware- it really shows up now agains the white!