Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Name: Modern Vintage Design Studio

So, we changed it - yes, we finally did!  Goodbye Inspired Home, Hello Modern Vintage!  When we first started our blog, Kristen and I  could not decide on a name so we settled on Inspired Home.   Although we were ok with it, we were never in love with it.   We also thought it was limiting since our design work extends beyond the home including our paper studio and party favor/theme designs.   We decided on Modern Vintage because it describes our work.   Kristen turns vintage pieces of furniture into fabulous new works of art and my designs are new and modern.   We hope you like!

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to Work!

Hello All! Happy 2012! 

With all the craft shows and holiday festivities Cara and I were involved in, sadly, we neglected our blog last month. We are happy to say though, that we are back and promise to share more regularly!  We have a ton of projects in the next few weeks and plan to hit the ground running in the new year. Stay tuned!

I wanted to share some of the custom signs and projects I did for Christmas... I painted a lot of quotes and song lyrics but also places and last names. ACKLEY is actually my grandparents who married in 1956. AMEN FARM is my friend's mother-in-law's farm. I loved the creative ideas people came up with!

One of my favorites is the frame I made out of an old Adirondack chair (thanks Stacy & Andrew!). A friend's husband had come to me with a print he bought for a Christmas gift for his wife and he wanted it framed. I had a stack of chair pieces and the old red paint happened to match perfectly with the colors in the print... not to mention it was beach themed. I've always wanted to do frames out of reclaimed wood and this happened to be my first. I thought it came out really cool!

The vintage settee I refinished was also a great Christmas gift from my friend Krysta to her mom. She actually kidnapped the chair out of her house, brought it to me and told her mom that she brought it to the dump. She was really upset but after opening it on Christmas morning, it not only brought her to tears, she deemed it, "The best Christmas gift she ever received." Re-upholstering is a ton of work but I thought this vintage fabric looked perfect on the chair!

Thanks for reading!