Thursday, February 9, 2012

Winter Projects

This beauty was found back a few months ago in an old antique shop as part of a dining room set... I LOVED this hutch and couldn't wait to work on it!

I was lucky enough to have a client see it unfinished and want it (which doesn't happen often). I was reluctant to separate the set but all TEN pieces are pretty big and chances are, much too big for anyone's home. It took forever and a whole can of paint... but I thought it came out beautiful! The detailing is gorgeous and looks even better distressed. Dated back to the 1940's, this hutch looks much happier in white!

I can't wait to see it in Jackie's kitchen! 

I was in Home Depot last week and came across Martha Stewart's metallic paint. It looked really pretty so I thought I'd give it a try. I also thought how cool furniture would be painted in this and next to Cara's gorgeous creations!

I truly think every woman should have a vanity. There's something very intimate and beautiful about them.  I've done about eight for customers this past year and decided I wanted my own (although I couldn't see myself finding the time to actually sit down and do my makeup... I'm usually guilty of putting my mascara on in the car rear view mirror... while driving!) Well, here it is... and metallic paint happens to be my new obsession!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Handmade Bench & Ruffled Valance

Kristen and I were having our usual meeting - this time at the coffee shop at Russell's Corner.  We noticed one of their coffee tables and thought it would be cool to try to make one ourselves.   Of course, mine would involve fabric and hers would be made from a found object.  But the more I thought about a fabric table, the more I thought how stupid an idea it was.   Who would want a fabric coffee table?   What happens if someone spills something on it?   After deciding against it, I was still inspired to make a piece of furniture.   So, I made a quick sketch of a bench and asked my handy husband if he could help me out with making one.  

A piece of plywood later, some foam, fabric, four furniture legs and some bolts, a bench was made.  Kristen helped by painting and distressing the furniture legs.  I added ruched trim to give it some Modern Vintage flair.  I also made a matching pillow with the leftover fabric and another complementary pillow to dress it up.  I am pleased with the way it came out and am excited to make another one!   

Also featured in the picture is a handmade ruffled valance I made that will fit any standard window. 

The bench with pillows... $139.   Measures 16" x 34".  

Ruffled Valance $40