Monday, March 5, 2012

Handmade Glass Bead & Recycled Glass Mirror

A few years ago, our glass patio table top shattered into pieces.   My husband swept up the broken glass and put it into a bin to throw away in his work dumpster.  After seeing that it broke like a windshield would (with no real sharp edges), I told him I wanted to keep it because I thought I could make something cool with it.  He laughed, didn't take me seriously and took it with him to work the next day without me knowing.  In that short time, I had already envisioned a mirror I would create.   When he came home that day, I sent him back to the dumpster to collect the pieces for me!   (What a good guy!)

With that glass, I created a really large mirror.  Recently, my sister had asked me to make her a mirror similar to the one I created several years ago.   I still had the glass from the patio table but not enough to fill the entire frame so I also used glass beads and sea glass.  The mirror pictured above is now hanging in her bathroom.

So, if anyone has a broken patio table, let me know and I'll come clean it up, recycle the glass and turn it into something pretty!

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