Thursday, March 29, 2012

Modern Vintage's New Home!

So as many of you know, Kristen and I have found a home for Modern Vintage!  Yippee!!   We signed a lease almost two weeks ago and have been knee deep since!   Our shop is in Merchant's Square and we are so excited!   Here are some photos to show you the work-in-progress.

We had our work cutout for us.  The building had been vacant for nine years and as Kristen's says, "The place was brutal!"   Look at the horrid skin tone wall colors, disgusting carpet, and medical cabinets!  Yuck!  And that's Jen, the realtor, from TBX.  Thanks, Jen for helping make this deal happen!
Kristen's future workshop below and my office next.  This place used to be a dermatologist office hence the light in Kristen's room.  Although, almost everyone commented on it looking like a light used in another medical practice!  Mostly men though - what do they know?! ha!

 And so the demo begins!  A BIG thanks to Kristen's boyfriend, Matt, for tearing up the hideous rug and tile.   And another BIG thanks to my husband, Jay, for tearing off the baseboard and taking down the ugly flourescent lights!  Thank goodness we have handy men!  It would have been A LOT harder without them.   Matt also widened an entrance for us too!  Thanks, Matt!

 And onto making things pretty!   We painted the wainscoting simply white and the main retail space baby fawn.  I chose turquoise mist for my office, and we liked it so much Kristen painted the hallway this color too.  Thanks to Patti and Amy from Marshland for helping us paint!   And thanks so much to my best friend, Jen, for wallpapering and redoing our hack paint job on the ceiling!  Favorite part so far - definitely the wallpaper!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!

Next step - flooring!   Huge thanks to Jay and my brother-in-law, Tom,  for their hard work last weekend installing the floors.  We LOVE them!   And thanks to my sister, Dominique, for helping us paint Kristen's room.   
And the kiddos having fun in the mess!
And that's about it for now!  Next step - basboard and lighting.   McGrath Electric will be doing our electrical work.  Thanks, Brian!  Can't wait to see our sparkly light fixtures up :0)

We are both SO lucky and grateful to have such encouraging, helpful, and supportive friends and family to help us through this process.   Thank you to everyone that has helped and thanks to my family for taking care of Soleil so often for me!  We couldn't have gotten this far without all of you!

More updates next week!

Cara & Kristen


  1. excited for you both....Can't wait to see the finished product and to watch your SUCCESS!!!!

    TWO VERY talented women!!!!!

  2. So happy for you! Hard work but memories made! Can't wait to stop by!