Thursday, July 19, 2012

Talk of the Town!

The last two months have truly been an incredible blur, full of fun, stress, meeting new people, early mornings & late nights... We've been so lucky to have met many great new people along the way and we love the sense of community that we're feeling in our hometown of Sandwich.  A couple weeks back, we participated in 'Sandwich Fest,' a street fair located in downtown Sandwich.  Our 1940's photographs that we turned into fabric prints & pillows were a huge hit! Everyone loved them and we loved sharing the stories behind them... At the fest, we met the Govoni Family, who happens to own the Town Neck Company. They loved our prints as well and happened to write about us.  Check out the article and their website. Thanks guys!

The Town Neck Company Newsletter

This is one of the photographs that everyone (including us) loves! This is Bunny DiPietro carrying two stripers, on Sandy Neck Beach in the 1940's. We've heard many great stories about him since we've been lucky enough to have this in our shop and the constant story is how kind and generous he was. This has got to be true because after meeting and talking with many of his family members, I can see what a special and loving family they are. 

Many, many thanks to Mary Beth, Auntie Fran and their families. We feel very fortunate to be able to share a part of Sandwich history with everyone who walks through our doors!