Friday, September 7, 2012

Two Loves: Brimfield & Instagram

I've blogged about the beloved Brimfield before so I won't bore you. I just got back and it's a fairly long ride. So, while driving, I got to thinking. As a former waitress and present collector & seller of all things vintage, I feel as though two things should be experienced in life: working in a restaurant and the Brimfield Antique Show. The two are not related in any way but both have served me in different ways. I won't go into the restaurant business (I got out for a reason) but I will share a little I've learned over the two short years I've been in the antique/vintage world. In all honesty, Brimfield isn't the greatest place for deals. But, for me, being among thousands of people who have a similar passion, is so exciting. To see years and years of collections and truly labors of love, is humbling to say the least.

Two things I've learned at Brimfield (and in the antique world), which I've shared with my friend Jen, who is going tomorrow for the first time:

1. Never, ever pay full price. These people expect to haggle, they live to negotiate. And although it's one thing that's turned me away from the business, I've learned to be a pretty good wheeler and dealer. I've also learned though, an offered price too low can affend dealers, so be careful.  

2. Don't act like you love the piece you're negotiating. I've found pieces that I would of paid double for... and they knew it because I acted like I HAD TO HAVE IT; they knew I'd pay top dollar. Pretending to walk away is always a good move. 

I only took a dozen or so pictures, I don't think vendors love people taking photographs. My new obsession happens to be Instagram, so below are a few I took yesterday and today. 

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!


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